Course Dates for 2022

22nd to 28th May 2022

Authentic Relationships

What is an Authentic Relationship?  How can we build and maintain good relationships?  What is our relationship to ourselves? What is our relationship to others, to our community, to the world, to the infinite?  Learn to develop real self-love.

Long term relationships are challenging and transformational if we can stick with it and not run!

Discover the play of masculine and feminine within you.


Mind and Meditation

There is nothing so simple as to think – and nothing so difficult as to think well…..

Your mind is responsible for your experience of life – if you are happy its your mind, if you are miserable, its your mind.  Likewise success, failure and even illness.

Learn how your three minds can serve you.  Negative is not so negative any more nor the positive so positive!  The mechanics of thought and the feelings our thoughts produce are there to serve us if we can build a relationship with our mind.

This module is a wonderful opportunity to harness the power of the mind and give you an insight into how you can offer guidance to others.

Level 2 is the second stage of The Aquarian Teacher – Transformation.

Level 2 is fundamentally different from the first stage in which you established the foundations for becoming a teacher and for a lifetime of personal practice.

The second stage of training is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities, character and consciousness. In this stage we will share a lot of new content in terms of information, techniques and themes, but the essence of this stage is about you establishing the ability to use your applied mind, applied intelligence and applied awareness.

Each of the five modules of Transformation focuses on a crucial facet of your mind and consciousness.  Think of all the modules as parts of a single process.  It is a time to clear inner conflicts along with any mental and emotional blocks that might inhibit your link to the Golden Chain and the radiance and responsibility that comes with being an adept teacher.

Modules can be taken separately and are individually assessed, it is a 310 hour course – completion of all five modules will make you a KRI Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Level 2 – New training starts June 2019
Our Level 2 program beautifully explores the facets of your authentic self. You will realise your full potential as a teacher, person and spiritual being. All your relationships will improve, your teaching ability enhanced, and your connection to source strengthened.
Five full week modules align you more closely with your destiny. Each weeks theme guarantees you an extraordinary adventure in self-discovery. With the full week format, the group is able to make many profound experiences through powerful kriyas and meditations, challenging and fun interactive exercises, and many special processes for personal insight.
Our fantastic team of teachers bring a special quality for the selected topic. This training is proven to change the very fabric of our interplay in this world by creating bridges with the infinite. This program has both a fixed frame, and organic processes that varies with each group. The team welcomes the challenges that accompany each new group of students. At the completion of this course, you can radiantly stand in front of any group as a Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Level 2 Contact: Hari Har Ji +44 (0)7720 836 595 / Sat Nadar Kaur +44 (0)7707 160 271


Throughout the course you will be given assignments of kriyas and meditations to practise between teaching weekends.
Attendance throughout the whole course is a prerequisite for qualification.

To complete the course you will be required to:-

  • Do preparation as required for some modules,
  • Attend Study Groups either in person or via Skype or Zoom,
  • Pass a written examination,
  • Accept the Code of Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers,
  • Fulfil your financial commitment.

The course is an ashram style experience, the diet provided will be vegetarian and the group will be self-catering. We will be sharing our total experience.


North West London

The Willow Tree Centre, Breakspear Road North, Harefield, Middlesex UB9 6LZ



Individual Module Fee = £550.00

Accommodation and food = £250.00

Non-refundable deposit £350.00

Balance payable £450.00 six weeks prior to the start of the module.

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Account No. 81511483

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Bookings are not confirmed until a non-refundable deposit of £350 has been paid.

Accommodation must be paid for in full by the end of September 2022

You can book in three ways

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