Touching another person’s heart is the only language God knows

Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga Technology for the life you want today





Level 2 Switzerland

Conscious Communication

13 – 18 November 2024

Le Manoir du Bied, Colombier, Neuchatel

Level 2 Scotland

Authentic Relationships

 17 – 24 January 2025

At the beautiful Boreland Loch Tay

4 places left!

The Sahej Academy offers KRI certified Kundalini Yoga training with a fresh and modern approach, maintaining the true teachings and bringing them to life in our current times.  After all, there are no limitations, only possibilities….

We offer Kundalini Yoga teacher training courses approved by The Kundalini Research Institute. 

Level 1  in Yorkshire, the South and Scotland, Level 2 training in Scotland and Switzerland and associate Level 2 training in Germany.

All donations are sent to our Gurudakshina account and are used solely for the promotion of Kundalini Yoga

All humans know that there is so much more to life than we generally experience.

People want freedom of expression, to be recognised, loved, appreciated – but what we experience is frustration, boredom, isolation and stress.

Life can become an existence, a series of obstacles and negotiations and our joy of being is reserved for those precious moments when we can somehow escape and pretend that its not happening.

The Sahej Academy has been created to provide a space where new values can be found.

If we could be happy and content, no matter what our circumstances are perceived to be, our world would be so different.

We offer a space where you can learn to find within yourself all the resources you need to live a happy, prosperous and fulfilled life.

We do not offer instant miracles! You have to do the work……

We offer varied tools and techniques from the physical to the philosophical presented with integrity and unconditional love.

Sahej means a state of ease, flow and grace. It is the understanding that all things serve the One, it is the synchronisation of the mind and the soul.

Universal Kindness is available for all to give and receive. When wisdom guides our consciousness we can truly enjoy the play of life.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

In the coming years there will be seven billion people living on the planet. The change in technology, psychology and sociology is huge. The chaos of information in the computer age makes it difficult for people to cope with their day to day lives. The body, mind and spirit needs to be organised to meet these natural human phenomena.

Every human, no matter what their religion, face a reality in the future where they will need a strong, healthy nervous system. They will need mental clarity and the back-up of spiritual strength to face this coming world.

What can Kundalini Yoga do for me?

Can you imagine a state of being in which you wake up happy every morning? Happy for no reason – just happy. Without winning the lottery, without going on holiday, just happy? Kundalini Yoga can do this for you. Not only that, you will find that you have more control over your life, be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live.

People come to Kundalini Yoga for many reasons, to explore themselves, to learn more about the yoga, to become teachers or simply to develop a spiritual practice. This is for everyone, no matter what you experience so far. It is a yoga for life in the 21st century, to build your strength and confidence, enabling you to enjoy life to the full and not feel defeated by change or circumstance. Yogi Bhajan taught above all that we should relate to our infinite selves, not our perceived limitations. The subtle use of Kundalini energy can make this change.

The human form is the most sophisticated piece of equipment on the planet and yet we have little instruction to show us how to get best out of it. Kundalini Yoga is a complete science which works through the body, mind and spirit to deliver us to the grace and greatness which is our birthright. Kundalini Yoga impacts all aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual being. It promotes a general sense of relaxation and well-being by balancing the glandular system. Strengthening the nervous system, promoting the better functioning of our bodily systems, promoting emotional balance and enhanced intuition, allowing us to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions so we can be in control of ourselves rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelings. It also helps to eliminate negative habits increasing our radiance and the impact we have on others.

What happens in a Kundalini Yoga class?

We begin by “tuning in” with a short mantra then we start some warm up exercises and follow this with a Kriya – a Yoga set of exercises for a specific purpose. This includes stretching postures, movement exercises, breathing exercises and chanting mantras. Mantras may seem strange at first but they are Yoga for the mind, they set up sound vibrations in the body and change mental states. Finally we finish with relaxation and/or meditation.

The information presented is intended for general knowledge and not as medical advice.

You may like to bring a mat or something to work on and also a blanket to keep warm during relaxation or meditation. Wear loose comfortable clothing, bring water to drink and avoid eating a meal for about 2 hours before the class – plan to eat your main meal either after the class or earlier in the day. Light, energy giving snacks before class are perfectly fine.

What is Sadhana?

Image by Kiran Singh

Sadhana means a practice of self-discipline that allows one to express the Infinite within one’s self. It is a conscious activity. We consciously choose to wake up early in the ambrosial hours before dawn in order to exercise the body and to meditate.

Each day is different, each day we are different, but through all the variations of mind and heart we consciously choose to maintain a constant and regular practice.

Our Sadhana generally begins at 05.00. We read a sacred text and then continue with a Kundalini Yoga Kriya and relaxation. We follow this with 62 minutes of chanted meditation. The whole practice is 2½ hours and during this time we give 10% of our day to ourselves, to God, to Infinity within us. This creates clarity and intuitive awareness.

Sadhana is the greatest gift you can give to yourself. If you want spiritual growth and maturity, if you want calmness, steadiness and certainty, do Sadhana. Sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard and sometimes it seems impossible but it is simple and effective and will bring about a deeper connection to your soul and the change of perspective you long for.

“The highest Sadhana is that your presence should remind people of God. What bigger and more powerful miracle than that can there be, that by your very presence you can invoke divinity in people?” Yogi Bhajan

What is White Tantric Yoga?

The practice and form of White Tantric Yoga is being reviewed.  New information will appear on this page in the future.

An intensive one day meditation experience is an essential part of Level 1 Aquarian Teacher Training and will be made available as part of your course.