Course Dates for 2020

18/19 January 2020

Where Am I?

This weekend will discuss where we are as a humanity in the world today, how we experience daily life and why Kundalini Yoga is such a fantastic technology to allow us to make the best of where we are.


16/17 February 2020

Where Have I Been?

Why did I decide to come to planet earth – why this, why now?  Was there a motivation? what could be my intention?


21/22 March 2020

Who Am I?

An introduction to energetics.  Now we can begin to understand how our energy works and where our strengths and weaknesses are so that we can understand ourselves better and perhaps others too.

04/05 April 2020

Where am I Going?

What is the possible future?  Who do I want to be? Now that I know all this stuff…..what can I do with it?  What can I do with me? What can I do for others?

January 2020 to July 2020

Greater Manchester


The Awareness Adventure is open to any student of Kundalini Yoga who wishes to deepen their knowledge and experience but does not feel called to commit to the in depth Teacher Training course.

It is NOT a course for people who have already done The Aquarian Trainer Level 1 Teacher Training Course.



The Seraphina Centre,

117 Stamford Street Central

Ashton Under Lyne



The cost for each weekend is £150.00

The full course is £600.00

A one day pass is £100.00