Course Dates for 2019

4th - 6th January 2019

Kundalini Yoga Fundamentals
The first weekend introduces you to the basic concept of Kundalini Yoga, aligns it with other forms of yoga and begins a process of personal practice (Sadhana). You will also learn about our place in global evolution, the Aquarian Age and its implications for the world today.

8th - 10th February 2019

Communication: Inner and Outer
This weekend will give you a solid experience and understanding of breath, mind and consciousness. It will include meditation, mantra, mudra, breath work, the technology of sound and its healing impact on the human system.

12th-14th April 2019

The Body as a Temple
Posture or Asana, how and why they work, how to work with them correctly and safely. The human body and its physical functions, Bhandas, the movement of Kundalini, WHY we do a Kriya and how it works.

10th -12th May 2019

Information, Presentation and Situation
By now you will be so inspired that you will want to share your blessing! This weekend you will learn how, where and when to transmit information. How to teach and to serve. How to be responsible and professional and how to answer all those questions.

14th - 16th June 2019

Infinite Potential
We are more than we think! We are governed by the unseen! The Chakras, the Ten Body System, the extent of our infinity, the journey of the soul, an introduction to numerology and the inspiration of archetypes.

12th -14th July 2019

Superhealth, Consciousness in Action
Our relationship to Karma, the wheel of life, Dharma and our destiny. The cosmic laws of manifestation and seva. How we can be self-creating through the foods we eat. Yogi Bhajan’s concept of Happy, Healthy, Holy. Taking care of the Temple, attitudes to diet and to illness and healing. Using Kriya and Meditation to balance the body and the mind.

6th -8th September 2019

The cycle of birth, life and death. The quality of Aquarian relationships, the essence of the male and female energies and how they can compliment not control each other. Being part of a community and the potential trap of money, power and sex! Attitudes to prosperity and seva and having the resources to fulfil your destiny.Life and Death, Relationships and Reality.  Yoga in every day life.

10th -13th October 2019

The Spiritual path from Mystery to Mastery
The five steps to Mastery and the illusions along the way. The student teacher relationship and the need for guidance on our chosen path. This weekend will include the examination.



The weekends start on Fridays at 18.00 and end on Sundays at 17.00

The final weekend is one day longer and includes the examination, it therefore starts on Thursday 10th October 2019 and will end on Sunday 13th October 2019



  • Throughout the course you will be given assignments of kriyas and meditations to practise between teaching weekends.
  • Attendance throughout the whole course is a prerequisite for qualification.
  • To complete the course you will be required to:-
    • Pass a written examination
    • Teach a class to the required standard
    • Have attended at least 20 Kundalini Yoga classes in addition to the course
    • Have completed at least 40 continuous days of the given meditations and yoga sets
    • Have attended at least 5 morning sadhanas
    • Have attended one day of a White Tantric Yoga Course
    • Have accepted the Code of Professional Standards for Kundalini Yoga Teachers
    • Have fulfilled your financial commitment
  • For information about White Tantric Yoga in London on Saturday 25th January 2020, please go to and click on White Tantric Yoga. You can register through the site.
  • The course is an ashram style experience, the diet provided will be vegetarian and the group will be self-catering. We will be sharing our total experience.
  • On qualification, you will be registered as a KRI Certified Level 1 Instructor, allowing you to teach students. You will also be eligible to join KYTA, the national Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association as a full member and to join its group insurance scheme.


Quan Yin in mist

Training takes place at Purusha, Wath Wood Drive, Swinton, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64 8UW

Travel by train is to Swinton (South Yorkshire) Station and local trains run every half hour from Doncaster and Sheffield mainline stations. Trains depart Doncaster at around the hour and 24 minutes past and the journey is a few minutes to Swinton. Trains depart Sheffield up to four times per hour and the journey time is approximately 22 minutes. We can pick you up from Swinton.

It is a small private road – if you turn onto a housing estate you are in the wrong place – at the end of Wath Wood Drive is a big white gate, turn right in front of the gate and go up the gravel driveway. Purusha is the second house. Park as tightly as possible – there is space for about 10 cars.

A limited amount of accommodation is available at the centre on a first come first served basis.  Once these places are taken it will be at the local Premier Inn or Holiday Inn Express which are only a few minutes drive from the centre.

The Premier Inn (0871 527 8050) is Barnsley (Dearne Valley) Hotel. A twin room with two people sharing costs £29.00 per night – £14.50 each for room only.

The Holiday Inn Express Rotherham North (0871 423 4876). A twin room with two people sharing costs £42.00 per night – £21.00 each for room only. Single rooms will obviously cost more.

We supplement the cost of a hotel room by reducing the logistics cost per weekend by £30.00 this is equivalent to the cost of staying at Purusha.



Includes comprehensive course manuals, vegetarian food, simple shared accommodation (limited to early applicants), excludes local B&B (if required)

Register and pay £300 non-refundable deposit one month before the 1st weekend and receive £60 discount

Further payments: If registered and the deposit paid one month before the 1st weekend you will pay £262.85 for weekends 1 – 7 and no payment for weekend 8. If registered less than one month before the 1st weekend you will still pay the £300 non-refundable deposit and then will pay £271.42 for weekends 1 – 7 and no payment for weekend 8.

Payments are required by bank transfer a minimum of one month before the start of each weekend.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULL WEEKEND FEE IS PAYABLE EVEN IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND.  You can then cover that weekend at an alternative venue or at another time for no extra cost.

Sort code 40-45-29

Account No. 81511483

Includes comprehensive course manuals all meals and accommodation.

Register and pay £300 non-refundable deposit one month before the 1st module and receive £60 discount

Remaining payments are made in increments.

Sort code 40-45-29

Account No. 81511483

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FULL MODULE FEE IS PAYABLE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT ATTEND.  You can then cover that module at an alternative venue or at another time for no extra cost.


Course fees for the Devon-based Level I Kundalini Yoga Teaching Training in 2020 are £2,500. A deposit of £350 is required before the first module, and you will then split the balance and pay prior to each of the modules. A £100 discount is offered  if you pay the fees in full before the course starts.

Your accommodation and meals at the four modules are included in the course fees, but you will additionally need to budget for the following:

  • Travel costs to and from the venue in Devon
  • White Tantra attendance
  • The Aquarian Teacher Manual, which costs approx £100 and comprises two books – a comprehensive theory book and a separate spiralbound book containing numerous kriyas and meditations.
  • You will also need to purchase The Master’s Touch and other books, as well as mantra CDs/MP3s.




To book we ask you to send a letter or email ( stating your motivation for joining the course and a non-refundable deposit of £300 to secure your place.

You can apply in one of three ways

By email and bank transfer

Pay your deposit to Hari Har Kaur,
Sort code: 40-45-29
Acc. No. 81511483

Please put your name as reference and email us to let us know that you have done this and give your motivation statement.

Through the website

Just click on the link below to fill out our online application form and pay your deposit using PayPal

Book Now

By post with cheque

Please send your motivation statement together with a cheque for the £300 deposit made payable to: Hari Har Kaur.

Mail address: 5 Wath Wood Drive, Swinton, Mexborough, South Yorkshire, S64 8UW


Course fees for Devon 2020 are £2500.00 please visit for full details

To register for Level 1 Teacher Training in Devon, please click here