Death and Rebirth

As more and more stories come to light I am deeply touched by the pain and suffering of those who must have carried a heavy burden in silence for many years.

I have never been one to jump to conclusions and have always aimed to hold a space of neutrality in times of conflict.  My heart aches for those who have been damaged and for those whose dreams have been shattered and who feel pressured to either take sides or walk away.  The heaviness which the revelations has created is being felt throughout our community and yet there is a real possibility for a new understanding to emerge.

As a teacher trainer where do I stand?  How do I deliver the teachings which are so intrinsically linked to the person who gave them?  How do I deny the teachings which have healed and uplifted so many and continue to do so?

We are being forced into the situation which we were always asked to embrace – that we must now be the Masters and carry the light in openness and truth.  True Aquarian Teachers will not be puppets of a dictated system but self-realised guides for those who seek a personal practice which will in turn bring them to their own truth.

What uplifts me in these sad times is the quality and beauty of the people within our community who are shining lights to the world.  I feel blessed to share the company of those who offer their open hearts without judgement to all who have been affected by the serious allegations which are to be investigated.

It is my prayer that truth will prevail and that the enormous tide of love which we offer each other and the world will become stronger through the painful experience of death and rebirth.

Hari Har Ji