A Question of Mastery


A stream of posts and comments from people with diverse views have arisen as a result of the issues raised by the publication of Premka’s book about her time with Yogi Bhajan. It is only natural that this should be so, and it is a wonderful opportunity for each person to examine their own thoughts about what has been said and decide how they feel about it.

I will share with you my views.  I have seen an interview with Premka about the book but have not read it. I have however, become aware of its contents through online social media discussions.

My impression of Premka was that she was not attacking but stating her truth as an experience, through reflection, of the early days with Yogi Bhajan. These are my thoughts…..

Masters are both born and made.

By this I mean that they are born with potential, but they still have a lot of work to do in order to achieve Mastery. Yogi Bhajan may have mastered the moves of Kundalini Yoga at a very early age but that was only one part of what he gave us.  Complete Mastery takes a lot longer and is a process through relationship with the self and with students.

He came to the west with an inspiration to teach something which he knew was effective and could change lives.  Thousands would shrink from the task – but he answered the call. People came to him in ever increasing numbers and projected their expectations onto him, so he needed to grow spiritually and energetically to stay one step ahead and keep serving them. The greater the need, the more the teacher must grow. He did the work and contained the great ocean of love which became 3HO – but the journey was not without problems along the way.

I have no doubt that he made mistakes, as in the early days he most likely had not achieved Mastery, he was still in the process of becoming.

What is it in students that requires the teacher to be a saint? And what is a saint anyway?

Not even saints are created in perfection, they work for that perfection. And in the process of becoming, they may do things which are not in alignment with their projected consciousness. Mastery  is a breath by breath process and a life’s work.

Surely the inspiration is in their overcoming rather than in an idea of them having been without moments of human frailty. Can you not accept imperfection and yet still strive for an ideal within yourselves? Can you not be clear about yourselves rather than demand an unblemished past in another?

How many excuses do you need to walk away from the practice which you know serves you as individuals and has the potential to serve all those you are blessed to share it with? How easy it is for the ego to rise and tell you it’s OK to quit the struggle because the teacher may have made mistakes. Your path is not about him, it is about you. Now is the time to truly self-initiate. What matters is your own integrity and your own keeping up.

I do not see that actions from the past destroy the effectiveness of what we offer or our own authenticity. Who among us is perfect? And what is perfection anyway? For the Lotus flower to bloom it needs mud. Do not think that the mud is not there and the Lotus floats magically without having made the effort to grow towards the light.

I bless Yogi Bhajan because he gave me full responsibility for myself, he gave me the possibility of Sat Nam and I work for it breath by breath.

He told us never to put him on an altar. I didn’t – he’s in my heart.